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  • Bakelite 'Hautentgiftungsmittel' Container By

    • £16.00
    • 12 days and 15 hours  
    Very nice bakelite skin decontamination container complete with label and red tape. In unissued condition. Never been openend. The tape is stamped with ''Losatin''.
    Container is dated 1941. 
    For display use only! 
  • Luftwaffe Pioniere Shoulder-Straps By

    • £124.00
    • 12 days and 14 hours  
    A pair of very nice, matching and rare Luftwaffe Pioniere shoulder-straps or Schulterklappen for an NCO. This set is in ecxellent condition. Its a matching pair. Its rank is a NCO or ''Unteroffizier''. The black piping indicates its the Luftwaffe Pioniere or Engineer branche. The length is approx. 11cm.  Matching Luftwaffe Pioniere shoulder-straps are not easy to come by.
    Overall a very nice set to compelte a tunic. 
  • Luftwaffe 7,65mm Browning Pistol Holster By

    • £173.00
    • 19 hours and 47 minutes  
    Very nice brown leather Luftwaffe marked pistol holster for the FN Browning 1910/22 pistol. The overall condition is excellent. Leather is complete, no big issues and souple. On the inside its nicely marked with ''Nur für lange Browning Kal. 7,65mm''. On the back its marked with ''jsd''  and ''1943''. 
    Price is ex ship (and fees)
  • WW1 EKM II Ers.Abt.FD.(ART)66.Kan.Batt By

    • £40.00
    • 15 hours and 47 minutes  
    A very nice WW1 dogtag with period string of a soldier of the II Ersatz Abteilung Feldartillerie Regiment 60. 
    Named to Hans Vettereck this Erkennungsmarke is in pretty good condition. We think Hans was transferred to another unit. Hence the other unit on the back of the Erkennungsmarke ''RES.FD.(ARTL) 66. 4.BATT 285''.
    Price is ex ship and fees
  • **RARE** Erwin Rommel Commemorative Book By

    • £155.00
    • 15 hours and 47 minutes  
    A very nice, elegant and VERY rare anniversery book about Erwin Rommel. 
    The overall condition of this book is excellent. Its in mint condition. (only 2 stamps of the pervious owners) Counts 100 pages and has a lot of photos of the Generalfeldmarschall. This book was published in 1984 in occasion of the 40th anniversery of his death. It was printed in limited numbers (couple of 100) making this a very rare book. 
    Price is ex ship and fees.

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