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  2. LA Cowboy

    German Dagger Maker Marks

    Very nice! Thanks for posting
  3. Planejack777

    Luftwaffe Blue HBT Tropical Tunic

    Does anyone have one of these? I can’t find any on this whole site. Jack
  4. Last week
  5. LA Cowboy

    Movie scene

    Anyone recognize what movie this clip is from??
  6. LA Cowboy

    Gurkhas Regimental Knife/Sword

    I picked this up as a companion to my regular Gurkha size knifeGurkhas beside sheath.jfif I was told it was a Regimental model to show authority for the Sgt/Major rank. Is that true? Can someone help me understand this knife sword better? It has a Broad arrow stamp on the blade just below the wood handle. Is that correct? Any help appreciated Cowboy
  7. Good Afternoon: This is my first posting as a new member. My question is; how common are the Luftwaffe blue HBT four pocket Tropical Tunics, and are they really considered “Tropical” or just Continental light weight versions to be used in Summer or warmer climates? I tried to view pictures of others version of this, but unfortunately have been unable to see them. I sent a query of this to a Moderator, but received no response. I’ll appreciate any responses to this. Jack
  8. Earlier
  9. I was a Policeman in Canada and when 9/11 came I became the Sales Director for a Ceramics company and began designing Ceramic armor inserts for use by military. My experience led to Vehicle and Aircraft armor and one thing or another brought me to LA Calif making armor floats for US Navy. That was 2007. Still here. Because of my Terminal Ballistic experience I began deploying Explosive detection sniffers Internationally. here is a few photos. Retired Now and staying put. 1601834140009.jfif
  10. Hi! I am interested in finding an S245G code k98 bayonet. I am willing to buy or exchange it. Any other k98 bayonets also interested to see and discuss about.
  11. S245G

    The BCN?

    Didn't have the chance to be a member and exchange some k98 bayonets I was looking for! Anyone interesting to exchange ww2 k98 bayonets?
  12. For sale M84 scope. As you see it. Clean lenses, no problem. Can change it with matching k98 bayonet (S245G code). Prefer within EU.
  13. Give M1 Garand 1943 dated bayonet for K98 bayonet S245G code. Better within EU.
  14. That's what I thought, but it is a metal box and was with the valve case, so wondered whether it might be to do with radio equipment? Any other thoughts as to what it might be?
  15. Lenny


  16. Here are 2 of my Bread bags. The 1st is a "continental" type 1939 dated example. Showing the pre war quality. This one was just added to my collection. The 2nd one is a '41/'42 Tropical version. Showing all web type material, as leather dried out easily in hot dry climates. Olive color. Grey painted d rings.
  17. The logo alone deems itself not militaria related..
  18. Found this metal box in a skip along with a WW2 Radio Valve case. It is 16 x 8 cm. On the corner it looks like it has some kind of worn off paint saying 'the Blue...series?.
  19. hanswolf1224

    bronze tank badge

    guys is this badge any good?
  20. Afrikakorpsrat64

    A rather abused Tornister

    Found this on one of the straps while cleaning it up. Pack is dated 1939, this strap is dated '38 and the other strap is '37. Guess these got moved around or replaced either during or after the war. Still cool to have a unit marked strap.
  21. Afrikakorpsrat64


    Welcome aboard @Valkyrie1968!
  22. Afrikakorpsrat64

    A rather abused Tornister

    I just picked up this rough Tornister. Seems like all I can afford anymore is stuff needing a helping hand, like my cats.lol This one came with a couple of free loaders I had to evict! Pack has one broken clip, leather is stiff and pack needs some sewing. But I will get it ship shape for the display.
  23. Valkyrie1968


    Hi all , just joined , I’m a collector of Heer stuff and civilian SS / financial support , will be good to share photos and info
  24. grlune

    WW1 or WW2?

    Thank you for showing an interest and the useful comments. I Think the badge on the cap is RAMC so as my grandad was in the Medical Corps I think it's safe to say it 's him. His father before him wasn't in the RAMC.
  25. Evgeny

    high quality of ss totenkopfring

    Was made copy engraving from ring of Karl Wolf - 2 top shots original engraving 3rd shot copy
  26. Afrikakorpsrat64

    Reichsbahn 1st aide tin

    Picked up this Reichsbahn 1st aide supplies tin with the grenade box. 1st one I have encountered. Nice addition to the railway collection.
  27. Afrikakorpsrat64

    WW1 or WW2?

    Most WW1 Uniforms had exposed Buttons on the pocket flaps. It is possible his pockets are unbuttoned in photo though.
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