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    Here are two that I have to hand the the left one is more repair than sack and has been used post war by a mill. The other 3 picture are again of a repaired sack but they have unfotunately used the eagle part of another sack, it has also been used post war by the looks of the half hearted denazification. Rich
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    Salty 2 place with 1870/71 campaign medal and Centanary Medal.
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    Welcome to Military Vehicles, (not tanks)
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    Thats a good idea, I certainly dont know enough about the vehicle side of things, apart from what they are, but it will be better to have a separate topic area so it does.nt get confusing on mine and Bils German helmets and uniforms pages
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    Herman Aurich, Dresden lightly used, Also marked on the tab is Abt. 6/152 for Kirchberg
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    Being an old collector, I am one of those of “the old generation” that must pass down most of my stuff. Some of my later acquisitions I will have to lose money on. Others I hope to profit from. Some I will never be able to sell, as they are rare. I have a German general’s hat that no one will buy unless it is priced as a common peaked cap. I have a formal award of the Knight’s Cross awarded posthumously to one of Mölders‘ group actually signed by Hitler. Again, something for someone with deep pockets. I lucked into it, but not being a dealers d not really able röstend militaria shows, I plan to have it cremated with me, not because I am a neo-nazi, but because my children would put it out for the trash collector. There are very few people that collect such items, and I do not have the connections.
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    @Mark K you are definitely The man! and a wealth of information! Thanks!
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    Hi @Nikola Rudie, M.V.A. Kiel stands for Marine Verpflegungsamt Kiel. Here you see similar sack. https://www.kpemig.de/Verpflegungssack-Kriegsmarine-Marine-Verpflegungsamt-Kiel-1942
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    The flashlight you have there is MX991/U https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fulton_MX991/U_Flashlight
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    Hi @Budgetburrito, upload those pictures directly here, it's super easy and more convenient for forum users, they don't need to go to some other website but see images here.
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    Really like what is left of that ribbon! Rich
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    Now I have to admit I'm neither a RAD or buckle collector but that was damn interesting! Thank you
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    A recent "Fake" is the LGS or L Gottlieb & Sohn, similar in comparison to the GB buckle but the casting process left a mark or "Bubble" on the Spaten. This one is really close in look, but the overall construction without giving too many details is alarming. So, when considering a purchase of any buckle you are unsure of, ask a Forum like this or others and seek input before parting ways with your cash, the bottom line is to have quality items in your collection at a reasonable price and the satisfaction of knowing all your pieces are genuine. Hope this helped someone, any questions or comments are welcome.. G
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    Val, what more needs to be said ? Makers ? Let's see what we can find..
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    Deggendorf, coincidently I also have a unfinished planchette of the same tinnie..
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    Sporttreffen gruppe 222 Marienberg
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    Thank you @tornfuté, this is interesting.
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    PAIR OF BOARDS OF THE GRENZSCHUTZ (GERMAN CUSTOMS WW2) Nice pair of boards of the Grenzschutz (German Customs WW2). Mint. ORIGINAL. Price : 30€+ shipping costs Payment : PAYPAL f&f
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    This is one of my favorites, lots of info and pictures with honor names and all the camps in Arbeitsgau XXVII Baden, 270-279 with maps of the areas and when the camps relocated an to where..
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    @Gwar, can you share the info also about RAD abteilungs in occupied areas, especially in Estland? https://picclick.de/Reichsarbeitsdienst-RAD-–-RAD-Abteilung-2-422-in-Pernau-Estland-173234659219.html thanks!
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    Great Text Bjorn, and enlightening us of this German coat/ Mantle.....Super Images also! No wonder you need a Museum added to your house ....you have so many superb items....Don't forget to build a garage / museum for your vehicles! Many & Very Best Wishes....Thanks Ian
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    Hi folks. Here are some pictures of a 81mm S.Gr.W.34 that I have in my collection. Pictures was taken outside on a sunny sunday in 2017. I started to collect the parts and the acsessories in 2010 for this awesome weapon. The Werferröhr (tube) and the Zweibein (bipod) has been restored with new paint. All the parts, bupod, tube and groundplate are matching from the same maker and year of manufacture, 41 bdx (wich is a relatively rare makers mark to find on surviving examples today) Original muzzle cap I have collected quite a bit of original Zubehör for the Granatwerfer as well. Like the rare Ladevorrichtung - it's actually a remote trigger mechanism enabling the Granatwerfer being fired by the pull of a string attached. Original sight, the RA35 - Richtaufsatz 35 MVI_7880.MOV
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    Here's another nice uniform item from my collection. It's a near mint 1938 dated M36 field jacket for a Feldwebel of the 13'th company of the 63'rd infantry regiment. ( I read that out of the shoulderboards, and the buttons for the shoulderboards and the white Waffengattungfarbe - piping on the collartabs ) The configuration with the Alter Art pointed shoulderboards and collartabs with piping, is the pre-November 1938 standard. http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Gliederungen/Infanterieregimenter/IR63.htm The tunic is in a huge size as well. 13th company, from the shoulderboard button, and 63rd infantry regiment from the cyphers on the shoulderboard. The breast eagle has possibly been replaced with a high quality Waffenrock-type of eagle. The reason i say possible replaced, is that I suspect that the original eagle is still undernieth the waffenrock eagle. Very good workmanship on the sewing of the eagle, as it has not been sewn trough the lining in the jacket. The special thing with this tunic, is that it has not been tailor modified - i.e. not shortened or sewn in for a better fit and the pockets has not been moved or modified. Anyone collecting field tunics, know how difficult it is to find a surviving tunic, that has not been altered from it's issue configuration and size. ( Well exept for the obvious - The tresse around the collar, and the high quality breast eagle here ) The pockets still has their original bellows. The bellows on the pockets were very often the first thing to go, when tunics were sewn in or modified to a better fit. Some more detailed pictures of the tunic. The inside: Pocket and button for first aid dressing: Size markings. The tunic is really a big one M38 translates to München 1938 : Detail of the cuff with buttons: Backside of the collar: I do also have a button-on collar - Kragenbinde or Kragenschoner that fits the very large collar of 47 cm's. Markings on the Kragenbinde. I have not been able to read the manufacturers name, but the numbers, I can decipher. 45-48 is the size tunic-collar it will fit to, and E 43 would translate to Erfurt 1943: Collarlining buttoned on: And with the collar closed. Note the early brass hook and eye for securing the collar together. Also note the unusual tresse used on the collar. This double wide tresse is usually only found on Waffenrocke or parade tunics. I have not seen a tresse like this on a field tunic before, but I have no doubt that it is original to the tunic, and that it was mounted on the collar by the original owners discretion - just like the waffenrock type breast eagle on the tunic. And by the really large size of the tunic, I think I know who was the previous owner of it... Check out the Feldwebel in the middle of the picture here. I think it would be his size. I hope you like the pictures. Best Regards Björn
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    Bjorn, I like the personalised ones, always a nice touch, 7755? FP number or ID number? Rich
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    Dave that was the single sided bag. The just turned it Inside out. Soldiers are lazy, I know I was too...
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    Hello Jerry, I hope all is well with you, sorry but we havent seen you on here for a long time? If you have time please send us some images of your collection for all of us to enjoy. Best to you....Desert Rat/ Ian
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    Thanks Tony, A great few bayonets here, really very nice condition, great stamps. I had a chance to buy one in France at a Vide Grenier ...with the actual teeth on one side of the blade, but if customs found this I was in the crapper, it was a good price as well. Thanks for showing us.....Best to you Mate...Ian
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    Guys, picked up a lucky bag from the scrappys today. Some date stamp tools for burning into wood or leather? Odd shaped tools that I will clean up and look for markings. A box of things that look like drift pins. They are what got me searching as the are Marked 10 (size?) 1942 Year and 'clc' three letter code, they are also blued like weapon parts. I can't find my codes book so don't have an idea what the firm manufactured. Any ideas? Rich
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    They are a lot cheaper, this is a biggish sized medal and I only paid €15, I thought that was fair given its nice finish?! Rich
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    That is quite a rare model, Tin plated, with moving parts, I think thats a lot older than Toys are us, plus its not normally the subject matter that they would produce, I would say its possibly a collectors item, and if they did produce this , I,d be after one pretty sharpish, I,v never seen another like it, plus I see it has a batterie compartment as well
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    Thanks for the link, now that looks like a great place to kick around for the day!
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    The latest game on the table No Man's Land is all about trench warfare in WW1. This setup being scenario 10, Spring 1918, titled The Gladiators. German Stormtroopers attacking a French Trench. The picture was taken after the prelimanary bombardment and has knocked a small hole in the defense. Also a bombardment of the French command post has knocked that out for the moment anyway. This is originally a French game and I think at times the rules didn't quite translate into English that well, but with game play videos on you tube you can get this game up on the table and playing in no time.
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    Guys, I know of there existance but this is a first for me. Odd roller buckle affair?! Belt stamped 100 for 100cm length. Trace of blue felt on inside of the belt leather. Missing one of the belt hooks! I am guessing Bavarian due to the text? Rich
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    Good one Eric - "King Tiger" you are the man, hope to see more of your collection and Tony's as well....You always come up with some superb items and many at least I haven't seen before.....Best to you both. WFTP.
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    Haha. I would rather think that it has something to do with laying a smokescreen of some sort?
  40. 1 point
    Are they possibly anything to do with blacksmithing or farriers, they look a bit extreme for horses, but you never know??????
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    Scwarzburg-Rudolstadt War Merit Medal.
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    Ian, could you please supply the name of this "expert" from London, I,m sure that there are many on this forum who have a vast knowledge of various dealers and collectors and persons of repute and will be able to confirm that this person has given you either bad or good advice. But I find it a bit strange and somewhat insulting that you are on a forum where you will agree that there are more than enough persons on here who are considered pretty much top in their field of collecting, and yet you decided to go elsewhere for advice when doubt was cast on authenticity, even though you have been a member here for a long time. If you do not know this "expert" personally then I,m sure the buyer of the pennant will be able to give you the details, thankyou
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    Wurttemburg Silver Merit Medal
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    Guys, From a pal today. Rich
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    Just waiting on some cables from the WEB!
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    At first I almost didn't spot the guy half way up the wall of the trench.
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    What is in the dome paint wise? You can't really see, is it a rough finish M35 reissue job? That is what it looks like it could be so, an m35 apple green, overpainted and reissued with a decent enough matt rough green finish. Ok, then a field paint job by a soldier to improve his camoflage, not by much though? During his repaint, he did not get a single blob of paint on the liner or the band. Combat used? Could have been a remf I suppose with OCD but then why mix dirt with paint to cam up and then paint like an artist, that is not what soldiers do. It is the context of your helmet I don't like, something that is done as an expediant measure, quickly and effectively to provide a solution in the field? It is not usually done with such deliberation unless it is being done to a known real helmet to punt further to people like you. My wife paints and I think she could knock me something like that up quite quickly and there are a lot of people producing items for people like you that buy things that are reassuringly expensive. I get the last comment from what you wrote about my cheap trinkets or words to that effect. Same with your Lodzt Y straps, there are people here catering to expensive tastes. I think it was Ruptered Duck that was caught out relining helmet shells, it is all on line somewhere, when even the top lot are at it then buyer beware! Rich
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