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Hello To You All,


I bought these items some time ago in France and I was told these are the detonators for the dreaded "Bouncing Betty" WW2 German Mine, about 2 - 3 inches long with x3 wire spikes at the top at an angle (are the x2 worth anything/)...If anyone can assist Please....I Thank You...Desert Rat

Have I added this in the correct place....?






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OK now found I think I have found the answer....they are the top part of the "Bouncing Betty" mines.(with the x3 metal spikes)....they would exploded about 3feet upwards and rip off a soldiers feet, legs and genitals, (i think some were called the "shoebox" mine made entirely of wood and could not be found even using a metal detector)....an absolute wicked weapon of war....!!!

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