Hello to You All,


I hope we have a caption competition for December......I am just trying to find an image of Hitler with a Santa Claus hat on...That could be good for the Replies!!!

adolf hitler.jpg


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I am not clever enough on the PC to draw a hat on this (Monster) should have been for Halloween instead of Christmas...Sorry.I forgot!

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Sorry to you all again....Thinking about it..NOT HITLER AT ALL..It should have been Dear old Winston, who lived near me at Chartwell, the Hero of all the British people at the end of WW2....Yeh...Yeh...Yeh!

siegrfried line monty after ww2.jpg

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Hello Lenny,


Is there/ have you time  - to give us an image of December's Caption Competition.....As we are waiting if we win it a special present from You.....???

Best Wishes to You & Your Family and to ALL the Members of MCN across the World...To You All Take Care and I hope you all get....Loads of WW1 & WW2 prezzies, lots of drink, and Laughter....Desert Rat

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