website down

Hello All,

Just to let you all know this website is down, I tried to e-mail the owner but cant


Thanks...Desert Rat









To ALL of you out there,


Please don't Be like a fool as I was when I was 13 years old and wanted money to buy a moped.....when I was sell my Dad's war medals x5 = £10 = 15 euros, his super Rare "Mein Kampf" 80 pages in original old German text, signed and dated as a First edition 1934, with all original images x 40 + in 10" x 8" of Hitler, Geobbles, Bormann, Speer / I peeled off x1 photo and underneath was the ink stamp from the photographer in Berlin, with the date and address of his shop---all original etc etc for just 10/-  = 3 euors../X6  SUPER ENGRAVED WINE GLASSES, ETC ETC THAT HE FOUND IN A HOUSE IN COLOGNE/ KOLN - GERMANY, /BEFORE HE WAS RECALLED HOME...PLEASE KEEP ALL THAT YOU HAVE FROM YOUR FAMILIES HISTORY AND WHAT THEY SUFFERED DURING WW1 AND WW2...KEEP THEM CLOSE, HOLD THEM TIGHT....NO MONEY WILL EVER, EVER REPLACE WHAT THEY HAVE SUFFERED FOR US TODAY....HOLD CLOSE THE MEMORIES...SOMETIMES THAT IS WHAT ALL WE HAVE LEFT..THANK YOU...DESERT RAT


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