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Keep your eyes peeled for this one coming in 2016......Anthropoid - Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich in Prague. Funnily enough I watched Operation Daybreak only the other day.........Anthony Andrews,  Martin Shaw, Joss Ackland etc. 

If anyone has ever visited Arisaig in North West Scotland, some of the Czechs involved in the operation including Jan Kubis and Josef Gabcik were trained here. The house is now in Private hands. The Czech Govt. also erected a large memorial on the Arisaig village shore.......the Operations they were involved in are quite staggering.

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I watched it as well, Its an interesting film and historically accurate. I worked with Martin Shaw once on Judge John Deed, he,s a nice chap, I was interested in his flying and his Stearman aircraft, that was before it crashed, i think it cost him a fortune to rebuild it

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