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UVF 1904 Steyr Bolt Action Rifle & Bayonet

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Here are some photos of one of the Rare Larne rifles in my collection along with it's rare bayonet. The bolt number does not match the rest of the rifle but a large number of these rifles were stored without the bolts for safety and security reasons.

Here is an interesting link showing a secret cache of 1904 Steyr rifles found in Dec 2015.


This is a Wiki link that has more information about the Larne gun running in 1914.


Here is a link with information about the Irish Steyr rifles.



















2 (5).jpg


UVF 1.jpg

UVF 2.jpg







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I hope that you and yours are coping with the current situation.


Brain picking time …


Just had in a big estate.  It included one of the UVF-stamped MH carbines from the “Larne” --- I was wondering whether you knew anyone in the “6 Counties” who might be interested..


Best regards


Jim Hallam

(Note the new e-mail address ---  better phone #  is 01483476646)

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