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My Huge Banner


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Hello There,


Is this original and what on earth where was it displayed...on the .........Reich Chancellery....Maybe the Russian decided to take it???   Great Item....IanB

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Woah! Now that is a large banner. I love these gigantic items.  Here is a pic of a 21ft by 12ft DAF flag I have which has been shortened...but wow that is one beautiful banner you have.  I would love to get one that large.  I know they are hard to display but there's something about the size of these banners that is something.  It evokes the pictures of the massed rallies with all the gigantic flags and banners all around.  Where did you get this banner if I may ask.  The largest I have seen lately was a 28 ft nsdap banner which I unfortunately missed out on obtaining.


DAF flag (47).JPG

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