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The Blockhouse


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I watched a very unusual film the other day, it starred Peter Sellers, in a rare straight acting performance, other stars were Charles Aznevoure, Jeremy Kemp, Peter Vaughn. It starts with all the above being foreign workers on the Fortifications in France immediately on D-Day, and to avoid all the shelling they scramble into a underground blockhouse used for storage, ie Food , water, wine, and because of the shelling they become sealed in, and go deeper underground trying to find a way out.They eventually realise there is no way out and months and years go by, all the time living off the supplies. Eventually only two are found alive in the 50s. Now the fantastic thing about all this is that its a true story, they survived for 6yrs underground and were only found after the bunkers and all the areas of the War were being excavated and cleared. It is a very dark and sombre film and at times boring but it shows clearly how the human spirit can suffer from prolonged isolation and also the will to survive, its worth having a look only if as a curiosity.

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I recall seeing this movie many years ago. I had completely forgotten about it. I am going to have to seek it out and watch it again. Thanks for this.

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