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Stolen WW1 British No. 20 MK 2 Rifle Grenade - Reward Offered


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We are offering a £50 cash reward for any information which leads to the successful return of a WW1 British No. 20 MK 2 Rifle Grenade, stolen from the MM stall at the Malvern show on Sunday 20th November 2016, together with several other items, including a WW1 Dated French 1pdr.  
Message me directly if you get offered this item or see it for sale. 



An original example of the Martin Hale British Number 20 MKII Rifle Grenade. This is the second version with the circular machined grooves, dating the grenade as 1917 onwards. 

This example comes with the original steel rod, and fuze cap assembly. All the components unscrew except the steel rod. Some signs of pitting on the steel rod and the body. Marked with a V sign on some components. 

Note this grenade has been repainted. The paint used is acrylic so that the paint can easily be removed if required. 






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Guest Fred Karno's Army

Sorry to hear this,bloody unbelievable some people.I really hope you track them down,I have shared on my pages too. >:(

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Thanks for the reply. 

Malvern is usually pretty good, its the first time we had anything taken there.

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Really despicable people...NO QUARTER GIVEN FOR THIS...!!!

I will watch the other sites and send you immediate details if I spot this...Then send the send the "Boys Round"..mmmmmmmmm..for a friendly visit....?

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