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E is for - Feldfunksprecher Extra's


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That's great Val,

So these batteries are still being found and dug up....so the one Bjorn has is a superb example of the same battery?


Best to you...Ian

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12 hours ago, val said:

@Björn - very nice work of restoring those batteries!

And you should definitely recreate here the field test thread of your's Feldfu's,

you had at WAF.

Thank you @val
I will recreate that thread. 🙂




There is a dug up 2,4NC28 for sale on ebay at the moment.
I must admit that I am tempted to buy it, but I think it's a bit pricy regarding the condition. The shipment cost is as much as he want for the battery alone.
It could however be a interesting experiment to see how the battery would react to get new electrolyte and a charging cycle ☢️
But chanses are that this one is a deceased specimen. But on the other hand it could also be cosmetically restored into a non-working display object.

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That is indeed a strange battery. I have never seen anything like it.
The large fonts and odd green paint is one thing - But it looks like that the whole body of the battery i made out of bakelite, and not metal.
I have not done a close study, to see if there has been a difference in the labels over the years.

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I have found an example of another variant of this type of label. But wether it is a evolutionary change, or if it is just another producer of labels, I can not say.Etikett.thumb.jpg.2d32dda769c2f1e57758e8c4b3a95eca.jpg


I repost the picture of the other variant, for comparisement:



Edited by Björn
Editing text and pictures into the right order
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Here are some pictures of a HLS a - Handladesatz a that I have in my collection.
It is complete with all the parts, but it has two different Typenschilder / Dataplates. It has been put together or repaired with different parts.
But other than that, it looks very nice, and it is in working condition.
It came into my possesion together with one of my Feldfunksprecher b's in a trade i did with a fellow Norwegian collector in 2005.
I hope you like the pictures 🙂

















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Hello Bjorn,

Great and perfect item.....sorry to say I do not really follow this at all. but I appreciate your great images and your explanation of this super item.

Thanks for showing us on MCN.......Best wishes...Desert Rat/ Ian

Edited by Desert Rat
correction to text
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  • 1 month later...

Friday night after a long week at work. (and christmas preparations) I'm winding down with a small cognac.

In the midst of shopping for christmas gifts, I actually stumbeled across a original Feldfu. Prüfkabel, or test cable, as shown earlier in this thread by Funksammler.
It's the first cable like this, that I have ever seen for sale.
Needless to say, I just had to have it. I have just tested it between the radio and the casing, and it works like a dream.

Cheers 🥃















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Great find, these are quite difficult to find. I got mine also quite by accident, its the best way to find stuff!




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  • 3 weeks later...

I have now bundled the information in a new document available on FunksammlerMilitaria.com. "German "Feldfernsprecher" radio telephones of WW2"  The "Feldfunksprecher" was the most common type of two way radio used by the Wehrmacht with four being issued to each infantry company. This book gives a comprehensive description the different types of radio telephones, their accessories, their operation and how the equipment was worn by the German soldier.1375290210_TitlepageFeldfunksprechers_001.thumb.jpeg.71364d56888418457d9712acd59c6cfb.jpeg


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Wow. Great work @Funksammler. Super and easy to understand explanation on all topics.
Thanks for posting.

Best Regards

PS: Great website you have there btw.

Edited by Björn
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  • 2 years later...

About an hour ago, I picked up a parcel at my local post office.

Here are some unboxing pictures. It's a ground dug 2,4 NC 28 out of ebay.
It looks a bit rough, but from the sellers pictures, it does not look like it has rusted any holes in it.
I wanted to do a experiment, and see if there is any chance of bringing this rare battery back to life. If it can't be done, i will restore it into display condition.
Unboxing pictuers. Have a look:










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On 28/09/2019 at 22:55, Funksammler said:

They are pretty robust,

When we talked about these batteries earlier, Funksammler said: They are pretty robust.

I am going to challenge you on that statement @Funksammler.
That statement is a raging understatement.
These batteries seem to be bloody indestructible!

A lot of rust, dirt and grime. The connection nuts were frozen, but by scraping a bit on the posts, I got a initial reading of 0,02 Volts at the posts.




So I took the battery outside, gave it a bath in oxalic acid and tried to clean it a little bit.
Original paint appeared, dark gray. And part of the stencilled legend actually became visible.




I was able to loosen the nuts at the posts. ( I have carefully taken off the red plastic on the positive post, and will glue it together and back on the nut again.
I also got the filler plugs out. Look atr this. It looks like that there is some life form growing just under the filling plug at the negative side. I was able to take it out, it was not growing further down in the battery.








But anyway.
When I got back in, having cleaned the connection posts a bit, I tried to meassure the battey once again.

Look at this. 0,35 Volts.....
I have not done anything to the battery, other than clean it up a little bit on the outside




This is amazing. The battery has for sure not been recharged since WW2, and it still have som juice in it.

I will flush the battery and fill in som new Kalilauge electrolyte, and put it on a charging cycle. If I am lucky, I will have a third working battery for my feldfu radios. It only need some cosmetic restoration.
I will keep you posted, and let you know how this turnes out. I'm still a bit flabbergasted, that this battery still holds measureable power in it..



Best Regards


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Some flushing pictures. I filled som more Kaliumhydroxyd in the battery and shook it, to loosen som grime inside. Here's a picture of the first (of many) flushings. The contents of the battery was pitch black.



Almost finished on this picture. Notice the empty bottle in the background - I spent a Liter of Kalilauge, just to flush out and clean the battery inside:




And Here I am finished with the internal cleaning.
The battery is topped up with fresh Kalilauge.
I just wanted to do a measuring, before I started to try and charge it. 0,45 Volts.

Gentlemen, I believe we have a live one:




I bought 10 Litres of Kaliumhydroxid a few years ago from ebay. Should last a whole lifetime for me, on just 3 Batteries for the Feldfunksprecher :)



And here we go.
The first charging cycle in around 80 years. Everything looks good so far.



I will go over my other two batteries as well, and give them a charge, in the next few days.


I put some small pieces of toiletpaper in the filler holes, to prevent spills from the electrolyte during the charging. Small bubbles of hydrogen started to appear almost immediately when I powered up the battery charger.



I will let the battery stay on charging until tomorrow morning.
I will keep you updated on how it goes.


Best Regards
Björn :) 

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I'm not really a religious kind of guy.

But a ever so slightly "oh my god" is in order here, I think.


I will do some cosmetic renovation on the battery in the coming days.

I will try to do some test runs, to see what the Ampere hours capacity are like on this battery as well. 

I will keep you posted.

Best regards


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Its the little things in life that please!

Well done!

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