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KM philips DR25b1x = phi 1 uk 41


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it’s a vhf transceiver 37,5 to 46,2 mhz

tubes : 2 x KDD1 and 2 DF25

power output is 1 watt A3 mode = voice 

accessories are one mike  with 2 prongs connectors and one headphone with a 3

prongs connector like  nearly on each marine set , lower part  part of set is for batteries 

This set is in grey marine color , we see 2 marks one round one where it’s written

kriegsmarine , and a small one a M. i have read in trenkle that the set is instable

and unsatisfactory for any use. I don’t know where it’s used  , may be for harbour 

ships like tugs , or fisher ship, i know they are used for recovering pilots shot down

at sea. I know it because there is in one notice  an antenna for a one watt set, on board

fishing ships from 17V.P Flotille , it’s mentionned but without set name so it can be 

also from LO 1 uk 35  also one watt., antenna strahler is 1,67 m and placed on top 

of mast at 13 meter above main deck.

now the pictures of set 







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Val i have no idea about batteries it must be value like on the schematic 

the radioorg set  seems me adapted , antenna base is from torn eb , and 

on my set there is no carrying handles, about psu it can be a well done 

psu  they are not a lot of infos about this set 

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Val i know the Uori psu  , indeed it’s for the phi uk 41 , but it ´s something 

else a biger psu that will never fit in the batterie box , hence  i believe 

the small one is a well hand made .

the available place  or height is 97 mm , compare with UORi  schematic 

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Some infos i found in my papers 

around 1200 sets were furnished to KM, the set was never use on board 

ship , it’s a portable set put in a frame with a canvas , 2 antennas type were used a l/4 and a l/2

batteries are  1 x 150 v batterie and 3 x 4;5 v, 

it was used in Danzig aera at the end of WW2 when troops evacuate

due to red army  attacks

about what i had written on 17 flotille fisher ship , the antenna must be 

for the Lo1 uk35 

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  • val changed the title to KM philips DR25b1x = phi 1 uk 41

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