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USAF Items gifted.


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Hiya, Thought you might like to see what arrived a couple of weeks ago from the USA for me. 

A friend of mine "Delton" is ex USAF Aircrew, he served through the Gulf and various other places, on quite a few USN Carriers...he was a member of VS-33 The Famous Screwbirds...on anti submarine duties in the air..

He sent me his last flight suit, gloves and every challenge coin and patch that he gathered during his service...much research to be done...he also sent me a face veil from the ejection seat...this was pulled down over the face and protected the face while ejecting on earlier models of fast jets, some quite recent ones too.....it also initiated the ejection system..nowadays, the helmet does the full job...:) 

Delmars stuffa.jpg

Delmars gifts2.jpg

Delmars gifts..jpg

Delmars badges.jpg

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Very Nice collection Norrie, thanks for showing us

Best to you....Desert Rat/ Ian

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