Manu Della Valle

Quasi-German lowboots

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Manu Della Valle

A pair of Regio Esercito lowboots “liberated” by a German soldier and recaptured by Italian partisans.

They would be another pair of anonimous lowboots if it wasn’t for their story,which is nothing glamorous per se but an interesting one nonetheless.They’ve been given to me by a “White” partisan whom had been a soldier of the “Corpo di Spedizione Italiano in Russia/CSIR” before becoming a partisan in late 1943.He and his men captured a stash of german and Italian uniforms and equipment in Piedmont and I think that these boots are all that was left of it.

They had been stuffed with a May 1943 German newspaper by the German and the yellowed paper has been inside the boots ever since.

An urban legend has it that Italian lowboots were made of “papier-mâché”,but while this can be said of the late-War Japanese lowboots,made of the worst pigsking and recycled leather you can possibly think of,their Italian counterparts were actually well made and quite sturdy,the only problem being the fact that a soldier was issued with only one pair which,more often than not, was used until it literally fell to pieces.
















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Desert Rat

Superb Manu,

Great history with them to....Thanks for showing us on MCN.

Best to you....Ian

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