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I need to know what Luftwaffe device this was originally.

Forget the knobs, look the overall appearance and labels.

There's BAL stamp, labels like  Relaisstrom, Eingangsregler, empfängen, senden.

If i'm not mistaken, down there above the empty hole is label RV 12 P 3000.

Under the left huge rotary dial is actually big white Y mark (you see the bottom of

Y just under the knob above another unreadable label)



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It probably was some sort of Fernbesprechung/Ferntastung amplifier. Could also have been some sort of classroom/training equipment. It's construction looks more civil than military, perhaps even of immediate postwar design made of surplus parts.



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@Funksammler, thanks. I'm sure it's war time product - it ended here as a war trophy.

This was some kind of Lufwaffe device, our HAM's stripped the box  and build there VFO

for the radio club transmitter. This image is from 1946

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