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Soviet SAM 2K11 Krug/SA-4 Ganef Missile Fin

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Hi folks, some of you may've seen this listed on mewe in a few groups and perhaps ebay although view count there is very low. 

For sale here is a rear fin from a 2K11 Krug Missile. This missile was been brought back to the Uk for testing and was destroyed at a Uk MOD site although site is unknown. As seen in the pictures, there is some damage to the paint and surface of the missile, the texture is a result of it being made from concrete to withstand mach 3 flight! 
The small housing on the back has been torn open, probably whilst being examined. Some chipping and damage to the leading edge and in other places.
Its rather heavy seeing as its made of concrete and is decently sized.
Was initially hoping to fetch the £230+P for it as it is a one of a kind item in the uk i expect but happy to take £175 for it through here, postage in the uk would be about £15 in the Uk


s-l1600 (2).jpg


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Desert Rat

Hello Iron,

Thanks for showing us this very nice item on MCN....Don't get many missile parts on here, but a good collectors piece.

Welcome to this great website.

Best to you...Ian/ Desert Rat

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