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1939 Opel Blitz restoration project


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Desert Rat

Just a thought Bjorn,

Is this like the French Gazogene trucks/ cars they used due to lack of fuel.....similar or maybe not, I really don't know?

Best Mate...Ian

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That has to be one of the better restorations I,ve seen in a long while, plus what a place to live, out in the wilds with breath taking scenery,You mate are a lucky man, oh and by the way i,m apparently desended from Viking stock myself

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On 15/10/2019 at 09:39, Björn said:

Anyway, before I got this far, I had to change the clutch disk as it was worn out. Actually in stock along with brake parts and such in Germany, at Matz Autoteile.
I dont have pictures of the operation, but quite a complicated job, as you have to dismantle the flywhheel from the "Kurbelwelle" or the Cranckshaft to be able to dismantle the gearbox from the engine.




And I had also put the Blitz to work, as I needed to move some masses for making a fundation to my wife's new Grill Cabin or Lapland house.

Me loading sand onto the Blitz:




And my wife, unloading sand from the Blitz. (She was 5 month pregnant at the time)






And this is me, having a cold one, right after i put up the Lapland house.



Love the kitties!


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On 15/10/2019 at 19:18, Björn said:

I think that there should be a 12V Bosch socket in the dashboard, but a couple of post war knobs and buttons has replaced it. Another original part to search for.

@Björn, Look at any place on dashboard where this socket can fit.


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Thanks for the nice comments guys. I really appreciate it.

And I like cats too - we have 4 of them  :)

 @val, I am rather thinking of one like this, more integrated into the dashboard, and also a bosch model:






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