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Reichsarbeitsdienst Dienstellenabzeicen

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A guide to better understand the different sleeve shields.. First up, Enlisted man, white background with red Arabic numerals.

Second, Commissioned staff within the group, silver background with red Arabic numerals.

Third, Commissioned staff group Abteilung leader, silver background and Arabic numerals. 

Fourth, GAU leader staff, silver background with Roman numerals.

Fifth, Oberarbeitsfuhrer, plain silver background.

Sixth, Arbeitsgaufuhrer, Generalarbeitsfuhrer, gold background, black Roman numerals.

Seventh, Reichsarbeitsfuhrer, plain gold background, also seen on Konstantin Hierls uniform.

B XX Bezirksleitungen-Bezirkschule Staff Twenty

BS Bezirkschule Staff

FS 3 Feldmeisterschule 3 Staff

RS T Reichsschule fur Arbeitstechnik Staff/ silver background

RS Reichsschule Student/ white background

TS 10 Truppfuhrerschule 10 Staff/ silver background

TS 19 Truppfuhrerschule 19 Student / white background

LV Lehr-und Versuchlager, Training and research staff / silver background

LA 11 Lehrabteilung, Trainings squad staff at Bezirkschule 11 / silver background 

W VIII Westwall Group VIII,/ silver background

W 10 Westwall unit number 10 for the group 4/42 working in Emsland,  numbers vary from 1-70 and are for better assignment of groups/ white background

Blank shield, see attached..

Last photo small patch WV is another RAD story ! I am hesitant to say all of the above is 100% accurate and there may be a few discrepancies, but this is to the best of my knowledge to date.


rad shield 2-131 XIII Magdeburg-Anhalt.jpg

Commision staff.jpg

Staff of group.jpg

Commisioned staff.png


Gau leader.jpg



Bezirkleitungen - Bezirkschule Staff.jpg



Reichsschule fur Arbeitsechnick - Work Technology.jpg

Reichsschule- Trainee.jpg


TS Student.jpg

Lehr und Versuchlager- Training and Research.jpg

Lehrabteilung -Training Group.jpg

Westwall VIII.jpg

W 10 4-42 Amern ' Yorck'.jpg




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Nice topic with good info. Information on these sleeve can be hard to find. Especially the ones with a letter in it. 
Here's a tunic with a 'B XX' (Bezirksleitungen-Bezirkschule Staff 20 (XX = Westfalen-Süd Dortmund) in wear.



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