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Fortress ohmmeter


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If the field equimpent is well known by the collectors, this fortress ohmmeter isn't. 

Extract from the german manual :


And some pictures of one of mines :







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@Festrako, any inner images, have you opened it up?

Is the battery there still in?


This is Alperator's one.



And Nachrichtentruppe's one.



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I just received a non working LMP2 with two issues.

The meter needle has come off the coil - easily fixable, of more concern is the broken coil on the left hand terminal. This is broken in several places and needs to be rewound. The left hand coil measures 100 Ohm and I presume from the feel of the wire it's not copper. Maybe Aluminium?

The extract from the manual above looks like it has a schematic including the two coils. Does any one have a manual or any details?

Also I am printing an adapter to a 3LR12 battery from thingiverse as these are difficult to find here.

Many Thanks

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