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Elie Ghossoub


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Elie Ghossoub


In December 2019 I published my first book and the only about Lebanon Orders and medals since French mandate.

I started the book in 2004 and here we are after fifteen years, the book has been published, I hope it will be of added value to all collectors.


It consists of 384 pages, A4 size with hard cover; it includes all orders and medals of the Republic of Lebanon with their related decrees.

It is in English and Arabic and divided in 4 chapters:


I.       Official Levant or French Mandate Orders, Decorations and Medals

II.      Official Orders, Decorations and Medals of Lebanon since Independence

III.     UN Lebanon related official Orders, Decorations and Medals

IV.     Unofficial Lebanon related Orders, Decorations and Medals (Local and International)


- The price is $90 (85 euros in Europe) + shipment from Lebanon or France and soon from USA - Please contact me on my WhatsApp if you need a copy: 009613655048

(by the way I am an Arabic Medals collector and expert for 30 years now and some knew me by the nickname Eliaos on Ebay but that was before 2007)


Pages from 201 - 300-1.jpg


Pages from 1-100- 94.jpg



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Mike H

Looks like a nice book on a not very often touched on subject. Good luck to you.

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