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2 Black Bands

New book - Helmets of the Home Front

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2 Black Bands


'been trying to get this into "Library" for a few days without any luck.....This is our (my son and I) book. It's a self-published limited Print large format book. 360 full colour pages, hard cover with over 1,000 helmets. It's about the markings mostly but, in total, about 1/3 of it is about other stuff like attachments, carriers, variants, the rules etc

It's only for sale from us (on Ebay) and a couple of UK-based dealers....and it's nearly 3/4 sold out...I don't think there'll be another print run....

PM me if you're interested.

Feedback to date has been extremely positive

Ebay book 1.JPG

Ebay book 2.JPG

Ebay book 4.JPG

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