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Panzer I replica or perhaphs a real one new mfg from Spain


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Hi gentlemen.

I usually post in communication corner so I don't know if it could be know by you this theme, but today I open this thread to share with you this great work effort to bring us this piece of military history.





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@ezesar, sorry, but i can't see those pictures :(

Login window appears and i don't have FB account.

Could you be kind enough to upload those photos here directly?

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Hi Val.

There´s a really big amount of images there... excuse me.

I don´t have FB account but its possible to see images.

Please, clik on next link to see first image (wooden mold) then you can see in full screen modeand the you can scroll next images.




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WHY???????, whats the reason for making a new one, they can only be used for filming , just like the tiger tank that was built and is now up for sale, but to go though all that machine work to make one with new parts etc just so that in the end some rich guy can come along and buy it and to most people is out of reach re the price, it makes no sense


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Good morning gentlemen and mainly to Davejb.

I've been thinking several days if I must reply to you or not and finally I've decided to leave here my response of course not trying to be unpolite.

WHY NOT...?????

Someone has "know how", materials, workshop, machinery and necessary tools, enthusiasm and will to build it and what is more important ... money. what's the problem?

Whatever the end pursued, someone decides to make a replica for their own enjoyment or that of others.

Unfortunately I could not be in the historical re-enactment in which the tank was presented but, of course, if I had been there I would have enjoyed it being beside ot or being able to be inside as some of my friends did.

According to his logic, all recreation events would also have a debatable end. Well, here is my opinion that although it is different from yours, it has no intention of being better than yours. Let's leave the people who can do these things to do as long as they are not a crime and if we don't like them we can comment but not try to minimize the historical value that, in my humble opinion, they have.

If the owner decides to sell it to a rich man tomorrow or lease it for as movies props it will be well done and he will have enjoyed its creation and recovered the money he put in.

Thanks anyway for your opinion. Best regards.


Enviar co

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Ezesar, thank you for you comments ,and as we know each person has an opinion, and I of course respect yours, mine is the fact that although these replicas are good in one respect, they cannot be classed as Historic , they are new, there is no history to them, they are new replicas of a one time item, Are they good to see, yes, are they useful for filming yes, but the price of these replicas puts them out of the reach of ordinary people, would you like to own one, of course you would, so would I, could I afford one no, I dont know if you are in a position to have one, there fore people with deep pockets are the only ones to lay out the cash, and if they can afford it , good luck to them, I am content in seeing a real moving Tiger Tank at Bovingdon and seeing all the real ones on display, and a lot of them are able to move and have the correct engine sounds.And I also thank you for your opinion, regards to you, Dave

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