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Kein Chromleder Luftwaffe jacket? (Pics link in post)

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Hi! I buy storage units for a living and recently i found this jacket.. I’m not 100% sure it’s authentic or not, but it seems SUPER well made. It’s either a woman’s or child’s size? Any info on this would be awesome!! I’m definitely looking to sell. 

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Desert Rat


Welcome to MCN, great jacket, very well made and super condition. Could it possibly be WW2 Luftwaffe Pilots?

Please let us know what you find out about it....sorry I can't help as I am not up on uniforms etc.

Best to you....Desert Rat

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I wish the original poster could add the photos directly to this thread, all to often accounts are lost, not paid for etc; and makes post like this unusable for future enthusiasts seeking information..

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