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Flight cap/helmet, goggles, respiratory information investigation


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Hi everybody,

I'm after some info on this piece which I acquired recently, suspicions is it's worldd war two, but I'm just hoping to find out as much information as possible about the piece.

I've looked up the name on military records finding the aviators name under USA Air corps but I think there are a few of his name, would there ever be any way of finding who it belonged to so I could match records etc?


Any info help will be greatly appreciated, I'm very fond of it!


Many thanks James






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Hello JB,

Thanks for showing us on MCN these superb items. When I saw the goggles I thought WW1, but they probably used the same design in WW2 for pilots. Although I have a pair more or the same that my Dad wore in the Western Desert during WW2 - but with yellow lenses.

I hope someone on here can help you.....But lovely items, well done in finding them. 

Please let us know what you find out...keep us informed.

Best to you.....Desert Rat

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A name alone without a number you would struggle to be honest to gain provenance. The type is pre war I don’t know if you know ?, with the earlier gosport tubes used mainly in aircrew training on tiger moths etc. 
Hope this helps Paul 

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