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Soviet military instrument for teaching artillery "Пипсл" 1945-1955

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Unique Soviet military device for teaching artillery "Пипсл". Perhaps left in a single unit. In the configuration, various panels with crystals and lenses became cloudy over time. Each panel has a tripod mount, a slingshot tripod. 12 volt lamp, step-down transformer.

The box is also a part of the device and is used as a platform.

Estimated years of production 1945-1955.

No instructions available. How it works i don't know.

None of the search engines gave a clear result about the purpose of this device.





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Richard Auld

Interesting thing for me as an ex artilleryman. We had similar things like invertron that were perhaps a bit random in operation but non the less useful for training and puting observer parties under a bit of pressure without any real cost. Invertron was a bit more modern but I think it would be similar in mechanics, IE some sort of projector and slide affair?


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