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Looking for info!

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I recently bought this shell from an antique shop. I can't find to much info on the internet on it, any help would be appreciated. 

The casing is marked as follows: 

G.M.C.O  1917  3IN L.G.  LOT317 J.B.S D17 with an anchor marking.

The projectile has a time fuze it looks like and is  marked as follows:

WT 955 LBS 3IN CLB MK XVII  LOT 9 NO775  L8  L.V&M CO. anchor marking also.

I will attach pictures. 






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I.m inclined to think that Rich is correct, and I think its British made judging by the markings, but I could be wrong, i.m having a job trying to find out the makers name

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I think you may be correct, its big enough to be a Naval shell and there are no  markings on the main body, so its either fired from  land based or Naval

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