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Hi. Just joined this forum and hope it can put me in touch with like minded collectors of WW1 Desert campaign artefacts. Not sure whether I have the right "page" ?? Anyway--I'm keen to collect artefacts from the XXCorps advance to Jerusalem in 1917 via Beersheba--Sheria etc. Specifically anything to do with the 60th Division's actions . Thanks---Dave.

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Hello Dave

Welcome to MCN...we all hope you enjoy this great website and find the items and info you are looking for, there are many knowledgable members on here and hope we can assist you.

A few images which I took some time ago---The Scottish Memorial at Hawthorn Ridge/ The crater as it is today/ Taken from the edge of the crater.....you can see the Scottish Memorial in the background----left of image

Best to you....Desert Rat

Images Copyright of Ian R. Bridle




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