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Does anyne know what this box was used for please

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I have been gifted a box without provenance - does anyone know anything about this item please?

Very heavy - weighs 12 kilos - I think it's an iron box - dark green paint on metal box with lock. Front has "Ministry of Food Emergency Box 3" painted in white and inside the lid "HH Martyn & Co George VI 1939". I know the history of this company and that they made items for the government and military at that time.

Box size is 18 x 13 x 111 inches and has simple metal handles on either side.

The box seems too heavy to be used to store any item of food, I am thinking perhaps records or ration books?  I have taken photographs. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you



WWII box 001.JPG

WWII box 002.JPG

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Desert Rat


Welcome to MCN.....we hope we can assist you with this superb tin box. What a great collectors item......Keep It....!!!


A wonderful Box and many thanks for showing us on MCN....It seems like a container for possibly food rations, maybe to the Armed Forces abroad and dropped in a container by parachute? But allowing all information given- just a container for the British people in bombed out areas full of tins of food etc....Sorry I can't help anymore. But a Lovely Tin Box.



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