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Walter HKW 109-509 A-1

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I am helping with the sale of some historical items and was wondering if anyone had information on how to best go about finding interested buyers. The 109-509 is quite rare and was used in a ME 163 Komet. It is an amazing piece of engineering history and is in good condition. There is also a MG 151/20 which is in fair condition. I have also contacted some museums in order to find out more information. Any information on how to best sell these items would be appreciated. They are amazing items and should be displayed publicly however the owners are not currently interested in loaning the items as they are in need of funds. 

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Richard Auld

With caution would be the best advice. I am not sure where we stand now in terms of deactivation but over here on mainland Europe it is getting tighter. I should research what the law is first?



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