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Some WW1 era today

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Wow, that award really looks like a fancy Mothers Cross, I just read about these not too long ago.. inscribed ‘ORDO TEUT. HUMANITATI’ (Teutonic – or German – Humanitarian Order); the reverse with a circular central white enamel medallion bearing the date ‘1871’ in black enamel letters within a black enamel ring; on original trifold ribbon. The Order had its origins in the time of the Crusades during the siege of Acre in 1190 with the establishment of a hospital for German soldiers but had largely disappeared when it was revivified in 1871 under Imperial patronage with first Archduke Wilhelm and then Archduke Eugen as High Grand Master to encourage and support voluntary hospitals and medical care. This striking award is relatively rare and was not awarded after the fall of the Hapsburg Empire in 1918. the hanger is silver very good condition dimensions: only the cross 4 cm and the hanger 5 cm, DON"T QUOTE ME ON THIS, there is a good resemblance and there may have been different classes or altogether a different medal, as the man pictured is wearing a really beefed up one with all the trimmings.. Let me do some research on my end and see what I can come up with ! G

Screenshot (3465).png





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