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Strange decals on WWII German M-40 Helmet. LS Shield on both sides. I have collecting for over 20 years, never seen anything like it. The helmet has battle damage. Probably on a Tank. So Strange


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the liner is in perfect condition, custom padding is perfect.....that is why I picked this up. I have owned a few German Helmets in my day....never seen anything like this....The small concussion to the back rim does not bother me, it would have years ago. I used to own a M-42 German Helmet with a blood soaked liner, that was gross. I picked it up because it had a perfect eagle decal, but it smelled....lord did it smell. My ex-wife could not stand it. We had a small child at the time. I had it in our living room. There was no damage to the helmet, the liner was just soaked in old blood...it smelled. My Father, how lives out in Oregon has a few items. Just went out....beautiful Samurai sword picked up in the Pacific 

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Richard Auld


for me it is not a decal, looks hand painted/stenciled? Picture quality is poor.

You could try German Helmets Walhalla site, they have all the experts there?



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This could be a factory helmet, used by a fire warden who was in charge of getting people under cover during a raid , The crack at the rear could be where it was a flaw during manufacture and it was then given out as not being fit for troops to wear

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