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German binoculars


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Hi everyone 

I’m new here,

I have recently been given some German binoculars and don’t know where to go to get information other than what I already found out 

they are 

dienstglas 7x50 beh kf blue circle 

any help in finding out further info would be greatly appreciated 





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Thank you for responding Richard very kind of you. 
I have been able to find out what all the markings mean.. I was hoping to find out more in depth where perhaps the factory was, which units/ranks might have used them, how many of that type were made etc etc 

perhaps that kind of info isn’t available but really am interested to find out as much as poss. 

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Richard Auld

G, I have a reprint of the book somewhere but it is all online these days!

Matt, 7x50 were on general issue to all types of German military units, it is quite a common item and as such the detail you seek will not really be forthcoming.

beh      Ernst Leitz GmbH, Wetzlar, Germany     

Although I haven't bothered to look this firm up I am sure a google search and a google earth search will quite quickly identify the manufacturer of these binocular if they are still active. If not at least you know where they were made, in Wetzlar.

As a general rule (British) if they have a graticule pattern in them they are land based and if there is none then Marine based but this would normally be backed up with a Kriegsmarine ordinance stamp. So I would guess you have a mills graticule in the sight picture?



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