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Paint or Not: Field Furniture (stool or table)

Oscar K

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It's a stool I think. Metal and wooden top about 11 inches diameter - green. Four metal pieces flaring in to square bracket then out to the legs with bracket near base. Stool height but could use to put things on.

They sell on eBay for around 70 quid. Should I paint it? The top needs redoing so I have just rubbed lemon oil in for now to keep it from drying out but if painting it I would strip it. It's scruffy but OK. I restored an old metal tricycle with the same paint I have in mind so will do a good job if I do it at all.

Thing is, and this may sound daft, but I don't want to spoil it for whoever might want it in original condition at some point in the future. I like it like it is but I also like tarting things up - and it would look great.

Who thinks I shouldn't touch it? It's not the Mona Lisa, is it? I don't know - hence I'm here. Any thoughts please? If I were into military stuff I'd hate it if something like this was blue when it needed to be green, but really - would anyone care enough for me to consider their disappointment a factor? I could stick something over it to cover the entire thing - removeable something or other. That might work. I'd like to paint but should I not?

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Richard Auld

My wife paints stuff for a living/hobby. She will not violate an intact antique but a damaged item is fair game, particularly when it would cost more to put it back to original than to shabby it up? Not the same but a similar conundrum!


The choice is personal based on the item, good luck what ever you decide.


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