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DLV dagger


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I have purchased a very nice DLV dagger that looks right.  Leather is very nice. Scabbard has winged icarus stamp on throat. Patina on metal looks old.  Scabbard lacks hanger and blade has no maker mark.  Looks comparable to blades on Johnson and Wittman on line catalogues but all examples had maker marks.  Some of on line catalogues list political daggers without makers mark.  Any thoughts about absense of maker mark?

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Hello Quann,


Please send us some images so that we can see it on MCN and give your our opinion.

Best to you....Desert Rat

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I,m sorry but this post is useless as we cannot give you any info without seeing the piece, can you post up pictures and in that way we can give you some incite as to what you have, thanks

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