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Old shell question - WWII

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While stationed in Germany, I picked up an old shell casing at an antique store. This is what is stamped on the bottom. 105 MM M14 Lot TBC-1-23 B. Co. 1944.

Anyone know what this is worth?

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Desert Rat

Hello Haole,

Welcome to MCN, we are pleased to have you as a new member, and hope that we can assist with any questions you have?

Can you possibly add an image of the base of the shell so we can see any other stamps or markings they you may have missed.....Thanks!

As for price wise, it is difficult to say as it depends on different things - size of the case, diameter, and of course the markings on the base, but they do not fetch a big price as many are so common, they made all types of shells in there hundreds or thousands and many millions.

We will try and assist you as there are many very knowledgeable members on here.

Best to you.....Desert Rat

An image of a shell from a German howitzer I took outside the Museum in Verdun.....That is BIG!


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First off, what did you pay for it, second, it would help us if we could see what condition the shell is in so we can give you some idea

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