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German Alcoso Dove Head Saber for sale

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Hi folks, new to the forum, I've lurked before but figured this might be a good place to drop this. I have an Alcoso Solingen NCO saber I'd like to part ways with. Not sure the exact year, but photos are shown for the maker's mark and other features. I paid $465 in 2016 for it. Feel free to throw me your best offer. I'm in Saratoga Springs UT. Can do a local sale or ship via USPS Priority. I'll pay shipping. If you'd like insurance, I ask you please cover it. If you want a timestamp or add'l photos, please feel free to ask. 









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Desert Rat

Hello Travis,

Welcome to MCN a great Military Website and we hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for the text and super images of this sword, I am not too familiar with items like this but to me the price sound fair, but I don't think we can import anything like this into the UK? 

Try to add it to the - Buy/ Sell/ Trade  - link you may have more success.

Best to you...Desert Rat/ UK

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Desert Rat

Hello Travis,

I tell you that if I lived in France,,,I would buy this from you as it's allowed in France, I have been to "Vide Grenieres" - car boot sales and have been offered, guns, rifles, shotguns, every kind of knife WW2 Nazi, swords WW2 Nazi, revlovers from WW2 British and American Pistols and those found after the Liberation in barns and stored away......

In Fact I bought a WW2 original Sten Gun dropped in a container by Parachutage with other arms, ammo, grenades, explosives, tobacco, etc etc......I fired it in France and so superb to fire.....I will try and find the image of me firing it by the river in St Germain in the Ardeche......And with the memorial of two French Resistance men who were captured, beaten and taken to the river (where I fired the Sten) and both were executed by firing squad.....One was 19 years old the other 38 years old...Terrible sadistic Nazis...these Memorials are all over France.

The worst atrocity of all was in Oradour- Sur - Glane.....I visited years ago, but the 2nd Das Reich Division murdererd the whole village of 650. Under the Commandant of Heinz Lammerding he gave the order to kill and burn the whole town, all the women, children ad babies were forced into the church and then the S.S ordered the boxes of grenades to be exploded which killed most of them and then they set fire to the church in which the roof collapsed on them all at least 450 were murdered. The men and young boys and children were herded into a village square and all shot to death.....In all about 650 were murdered and only 2 or 3 escaped.....Horrific to visit this town ...now left as a Memorial to all those who were Murdered by the Nazi S.S.

Best to you....Desert Rat/ Ian

I will try and find the images of that town when I visited it.

thumbnail_2007-11-08 08.16.00-2.jpg

thumbnail_2007-11-08 08.16.06-4.jpg

thumbnail_2007-11-08 08.16.00-1.jpg

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