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Need help identifying these?


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Hello, I purchased the two items pictured in a job lot of militaria a few years ago and have been unable to identify them. I was led to believe they may be something land mine related, but I’m unsure.

The picture shows the front and back of them, they’re both identical. They’re 8” across, with no visible markings or anything of the likes.

I’m keen to find out what they are and if they are indeed military, so any input Is appreciated, cheers! 


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Desert Rat

Hello Jay,

Welcome to MCN...we all hope you enjoy this superb Military Website.

As for the images, I thought at least there would be some markings on it...?? I don't understand why not?

I hope someone on MCN can help you.

Best to You...Desert Rat

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First of, those "bricks" are they metal or composite, if metal then I,m not sure this is mine related, it could be a form of drive shaft but if it is I dont,no from what, but if those bricks are soft and come out then I would be very careful with them and you may have to call EOD

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