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Here is a nice and interesting optical device from my collection.

The abbreviation on the crate "Em.1mR.36"  is short For Entfernungsmesser 1 meter Raumbild 36. Translated to english it would be Rangefinder 1 meter Stereoscopic model 36

Here is the crate, and the container for the tripod. The crate for the rangefinder has been (wartime) refurbished on the outside with yellow/tan paint with black stencilling. You can clearly see the original gray colour with white stencilling shining trough the secondary layer of paint.




The number 28 in red stencilling seen on the right upper corner of the crate lid, is the weight in Kilograms of the fully loaded crate.




The leather container for the tripod, or the Gestell 31 is dated to 1934. 




Let's have a look at the tripod, or the Gestell 31 first.

The Gestell 31 is in it self a technical marvel. It has a pivot for attaching many types of optical instruments, like the Richtkreis 31, Scherenfernröhr 14, different types of rangefinders, Landmeasuring equipment, blinkgeräte etc.
This pivot can be adjusted to tilt in all directions by the means of two horisontal rotating wheels on the top of the tripod. A soft leather bellow attached to the pivot and to the frame of the mechanism, privents dust and sand to enter into the mechanism.






All parts of the adjustment mechanism can be locked in place to prevent accidental movement when the tripod has been adjusted correctly.






The Gestell 31 is clearly a prewar production, as almost all the metal fittings are made out of brass.




Lets have a look at the rangefinder




Here it is, mounted on the tripod, with the illumination system for the reticles attached




I do not have the original instruction booklet for it, but I have managed to get hold of a reprinted copy






The illumination kit. I have laid it out just like the picture in the booklet.



It consist of a battery box, containin 3x 4,5 Volt batteries, 2x lightbulbs and 1 Regelschalter - adjustable power switch










The battery box with power outlet




The battery box is 1936 dated




The light regulator








The kit also contains a specially made 25 meter measuring tape for the range finder




The measuring tape is to be used for measuring out the placement of the calibration plate, or the Berichtigunglatte for the range finder.











I have tried to take some pictures of the reticles inside, both with and without illumination

Here is the measuring or rangefinding reticle:




Here is the Beobachtungs (ordinary binocular) reticle 




And here is what you see trough the lence






And with illuminated reticle:






The optics inside these rangefinders are just insane. When looking trough the lenses, you get a real 3D experience. 
you focus on a certain target, and move the rangefinder, so that the target follow the numbers in the reticle, and when reading the numbers, and at the same time focus on the target, some of the numbers get blurred and the numbers closest to the target that you are aiming for, are sharp and easily readeble.

If such an optical instrument was to be made today for military purposes, I am sure that the price on one of these would be more than 10.000 Euros..


Anyway, I hope you like the pictures.

Best Regards


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Bjorn, you do have some of the best and rare items in your collection, I dont think even museums have items like you have, I am amazed  that you have managed to, find these and kept them is such  good order, you keep posting mate, its a real treat you see something so rare

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I’ve been searching for one of those for around 6 years now.  Congratulations, I’m jealous!   


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      So, the red 27 in the upper right hand corner of my HEAVY Flakfernrohr 10X80 optic set, is actually lighter in weight than yours?  I didn’t know this was done to denote weight….thank you.  



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Bjorn…..sorry “Spell Check” botched up your name….I got it right….but “They” interceded!

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Björn, missed this, nice toy, I have a British copy of this rangefinder used post war, it was in our stores and they were going to skip it as we use lasers now.



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Bjorn,  That’s over 5K here in the U.S.  Still need one like that, please consider me if you ever want to sell.





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Hi there just bought one of these and going to start to restore it. 

I noticed Bjorn that you said you had a Re print manual? Where did you get it from would love to get a copy sure it woul;d help me in restoring the one I have



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Hello there !

I'm in the same case than Kradd_mann. Recently bought an fwq 1m r36 and want to restore it.

Bjorn, i'm also looking for the manual, where did you get a copy ? Mine seems to be functionnal but need to understand how it actually works.

Greetings from France


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