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In the summer of 2019, I was able to obtain this little baby to my collection. This one is in really good condition, and quite rare to come by these days. 
I stumbeled on it by chanse - I was searching for a ordinary non-collapsible field forge for my wife and kids to play with. ( It is really fun to heat up pices of steel and hammer it out into different tings )
Anyway, i came across it on a facebook sale with no firm price on it. I immediatly recognized it, and knew what it really was when i saw pictures of it, and offered the guy 300 euros for it, and he said yes to my offer. 




This is what it looks like, when folded together. 








And when we open the lids.
It has a pedal powered flywheel with a belt-driven fan - wich blows air (with quite good preassure) into the coal pot.




Arrow indicating the way of rotation on the flywheel.




To fold it out for use, the hinged legs must be folded out, and locked into place.




Then the flywheel and fan mechanism (wich is also hinged) needs to be folded out and locked into place:






Now the forge can be lifted and turned the right way. (it weights around 40 kg / 88 pounds)




Now, the two halves of the lid for the casing can be folded out and locked into place for placing tools accessories.








Of course, we had to light up some coal and try it. It does not show to well on the pictures here, but it is glowing almost white undernieth the flames :)






Unfortinently, the original rear windscreen is missing. But it is a easy-to-make part, and I will make a new one to put on it.
There has also been done some modification done around the fire-pot with some home-made metal edges. These can easily be removed, as they are bolted with nuts and screws.




And a picture of the wife, heating some Iron to make some pot-hooks.




On a sidenote, one of these Gebirgsjaäger field forges did show up for sale on ebay in 2017. It went for a whopping € 1000 😬

So I think I got lucky, finding one of these for a reasonable price.




Anyway, I hope you like the pictures.
Best Regards



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Most people would look at that and not bother , but you have this mind set of seeing some thing , knowing just what it is and getting it for a decent price, I had no idea about this and I dont think many people do , I have never seen one before, well done you

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Desert Rat

Hello Bjorn,

Great item, and a little deceptive if you don't open the tin and realise it's a small cooker......Brilliant in finding it.....Well Done!

Best to you all......Desert Rat/ Ian

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