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Getting the old Peugeot ready for summer


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Finally it looks like spring is coming here too.

I've been doing som service on our 67 model Peugeot 404, and getting it ready for the summer season.

We had some very nice weather last weekend, with a temperature around 10 degrees celcius - about 50 degrees fahrenheit. So me and my wife packed up somethimg to eat and the kids in the 404 and went for a small roadtrip/picnic in our local area last saturday.

We had a very nice day, and the old Peugeot performed perfectly.







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I could not get video clip to play properly
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Hello Bjorn,

Beautiful car and I am sure you are very proud of it, and the mountains and scenery are superb.....You Lucky Man...!

Very Best Wishes to you and your family......Ian/ UK

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