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Just to mention that when my Mum ( Anne Robertson Strachan) was a young girl in Wishaw (Scotland) she and the neighbours in the street used to go everyday carrying metal buckets along the railway lines to pick up pieces of coal that they threw out, as my Mum told me 20 or 30 women would join in with their sons and daughters to scour the tracks for anything like coal......Many of you probably remember your Dear family doing this as in the 20's and 30's even in the 40's....to take buckets of coal back home to light the fire in the kitchen and boil water (many Times in a kettle) so that when Dad came home from work he could have a hottish bath, which was a tin bath in front of the fire, then the Mum would go next (Yes in the same water) then the children from the oldest to the youngest......Unbelievable when we think of what we have today.

And to mention my Mum's Aunt Jemima had 16 children......How this Dear women coped with the ....feeding, washing, paying the rent etc and feeding them...I myself when my Mum who is over 100 years old today and still going lived told me, It seems impossible to understand let alone believe but it was True as all over the UK had all the same suffering and work to do, for the love of their families.

Thank us ALL we do not have to go through this life again....How Very Fortunate and Very, Very Lucky ......We All Are Today, Let us all realise what they suffered and endured with no help from the government......Survival, they certainly should be remembered!

Desert Rat........SCOTLAND THE BRAVE.....!!!

But please remember that all of the British people were suffering especially in the North of England, that had to endure the same hardships across the country.

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