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Car Boot Sale Finds Today...:)

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I cannot believe how lucky I have been finding some amazing militaria items over the 5 years I've been collecting..I'm starting to think I might put the lottery on...:)


Anyway, at my local boot sale today, now, i have a couple of house clearance type guys who hold stuff for me, to see if I'm interested....they have my number, but they never call, think they just like to see my face when they show me what they have found for me...so, one of them asks, if I would like to see an old jacket they got, and a satchel...:)

Long story short...and when I got back up off the floor, I paid what they asked, no haggling, just gimme them both...:)


A WW2 RAMC Majors jacket, 1940 pattern, 1943 dated....but the medal ribbons !!!!!, totally authentic...make the whole thing...the Major served in WW1 and won three bravery awards, all with bars, oak leaves or palm leaves....


Their was only 184 WW1 RAMC service personell awarded the MC with one bar, so, that's a start in my hunt to find him...:)


TBH, the jacket looks and smells like it was taken off by the Major, and just thrown in the attic...still got the "greasy" markings on the collar and cuffs, the bag has the same sort of "dirty" marks on it...:)

What came with it was a 1937 pattern Signals Satchell...seemingly from the same house...:)

That's a wee cracker of a satchel, and till I know better, will remain with the tunic...:) 


Sorry about the rubbish pics...but all taken on my phone...:)














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