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More Finds ...this time WW2 RAF.

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Just arrived, care of Sensai Paul Lomax. not one, ..but TWO WW2 RAF Type C Flying helmets, one is almost complete, with unissued MkV111 goggles..and will sit well with Stenuits Elevator....the other will be moved on....🙂 Also arrived was this ICAN Flying Computer used by the RAF from 1940 to app 1945....it has the pilots/navigators notes too....another thing to go into the Mosquito Collection






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On 26/07/2021 at 04:45, Davejb said:

How much is that other helmet going for Norrie ???

The "plain" helmet Dave..?? :) see what I did there mate?? :) I think it will end up on the bay...unless you want to make an offer?? :)

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On 25/07/2021 at 21:01, Richard Auld said:

A nice chunk of plane.....

It is aint it?? I love it, it came off a crashed Mosquito from 605 Sqdn, HJ768 UP-Q...my uncles Sqn....it crashed on take off at Bradwell Bay in late 43....it lay in the woods along with a large part of the planes feuselage and most of the cockpit, it was recovered by the Essex Recovery Group in the 70's...and I got it from a long time member of the groups son......the crew were unfortunately killed...Stenuit was the pilot, McEwan was the Observor...

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