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MK-31 Mod0 Pen Flare Launcher/ USN Pilot Survival Knife

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I have for sale a MK31 MOD0 Pen Flare Launcher Signal Kit in excellent condition. Includes pen launcher, pouch and "11" unfired Mk 80 Mod 0 projectiles.
Also includes a USN pilot survival knife. Ontario - mfr. date 2-80

These were given to me by a friend who was a Naval aviator during the 70's-80's. Both came from the same cockpit.



20210725_184647 20201229_171656 20201229_171613 20201229_171623 20201229_171645 20210725_184547 20210725_184600 20210725_184554


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I dont no why I have to say this all the time, but new members can not sell items until they have been on the forum for at lest a month, this is the rules of the forum,it is a save guard for members from being scammed,and this has happened before that is why these rules are here, if this happens again I will remove the post 


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