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Help with my first collectors item (Czech VZ.24 bayonet used by the german army)


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I recently picked up a VZ.24 bayonet, and the antique shop said it was used in ww2 by the wermacht. I searched it up, and it seems iron wool+ rust oil is the best way to clean it, however on reddit people seem to think i should keep it as it is. The blade is not in terrible condition, but is quite a dull colour (the top of the bladed is more silver) and has a very small amount of rust. Should i keep it as it is, or do i clean it and make it look closer to the original?

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Hiya, Welcome to MCN.....

The first thing is to protect it and stop any further rusting or rot..a light wipe with an oily rag will do that.....what you do with it then is totally up to you....but, if you decide to clean it up , do it lightly, use 0000 grade wool, with a little light oil......in the past, I've done a few blades using that method, and it doesn't seem to detract from it, mind you, they were not expensive items....if it were, it might be a different matter....BUT, you will get others saying to leave it completely alone...yer damned if you do, damned if you don't.


BTW, is the dulling due to it being blued?? If so, I wouldn't go too heavy handed....

I know my post was totally no help...but, its completely up to you...you own it...:)

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