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Value of WWII destroyer hardened window


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I inherited this world war 2 Era brass naval window recently and I'd like to know it's approximate value. They were unable to tell me which exact vessel it was removed from, other than a world War 2 destroyer. 


It looks like a grinder was taken to the name plate. Stamped on the brass bezel is "HARDENED GLASS ONLY" and on the glass it says "HARDENED GLASS" and two symbols, I tried to capture it. 


The glass is in pretty good shape and is clear. The latches work smoothly and it opens with little effort. 


It is VERY heavy at 40 plus pounds and solid brass and 19.5" outside diameter. 


Any help is appreciated! 




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A port hole, these were from all types of ships and are still in use now, the fact that this one is a WW2 era makes this more of a good one , its a shame that we dont no the ship that it came from as this may put the price up. As for a price try on line and see what these are going for

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Tundrawolf have you had any luck re price as yet ,lt would be good to find that you have a rare item with some value

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