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WWII Stash Heads Up


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I just signed up, so bear with me.  I know the rule on posting items for sale and the required time to pass before I can do so.

But I would like to give a heads up on "Coming Soon".

I am a member of a VFW Post and we just had a bunch of stuff donated to us from a family that just wants the stuff out of the house.  I just started inventorying and identifying what the items are and there is some very interesting stuff.  I will know more by the time I have met the time requirement to be able to post for sale.  One box and it is just the tip of the iceberg.

I do have to say that in looking around the many sites, these pieces are in much better condition.  When it is time to post, I will include pictures and such.  I am new to the game, so be gentle until I catch up.

In the mean time, I would like to discuss some of the items in forums away from the sale area.

Thanks.  BigJohn


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