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honest Korean war helmet


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straight from the vets sister is this un-messed with original M-51 helmet. it is a minty condition example which features period gloss green painted liner with SGT. stripes on front, full liner and liner chin strap. rear seam, green painted chin strap metal. period sand outer shell finish. the vet put a sheet of paper in the pot so the liner would not receive any scratches. i have the vets name and will give it to the buyer. i will ship over seas. 550.00 plus 22.00 U.S. postage.100_5692.thumb.JPG.6192ea79c117400baa4f4cf2350d2574.JPG100_5535.thumb.JPG.9e1cde9fe4b7d8ae669a41d55869de34.JPG  100_5693.thumb.JPG.042ba9b3d3312e460bc328668ed367b2.JPG100_5536.thumb.JPG.f94f610d7dbfe2d08218a9fb521b81d7.JPG

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