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1940-1945 US Army Artillery Collar Insignia, Enlisted and Officer

The 244th

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These are example of the items I am seeking.  The B Battery enlisted collar insignia would be 1941-1942.  The officers collar insignia "thin", a later issue shown in photo is Myers manufactured.  There is also an early 1942 "Fat" version not shown here but I would very much like to find that example as well.  These are the only three items I am looking for to complete my fathers uniform.  https://244thfieldartillerybattalion.com/  Thank you for assisting. 

244th F.A. Enlisted Collar Insignia.JPG

244th F.A. Officer Collar Insignia.jpg

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If I see anything here in Germany I will pick it up for you if it is cheap. I doubt I will see any though as we live in a British occupied area but there is a chance when I visit Hannover Braunchweig area.

Good Luck!



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